Walovich Architects Group is an Architecture and Construction firm with over one hundred years of combined experience in architectural design and construction consulting. The firm provides a wide array of comprehensive professional services for residential, commercial and industrial projects throughout California. The firm specializes in assessing construction defects and providing litigation support on a full range of project types including multi-family residential projects, custom homes, churches, retail and office spaces, healthcare facilities, hotels, research and development facilities, schools, etc.
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Evidence Is Only As Good As The Experts Who Gather It

Tenaya Asan

General Contractor, Construction Consultant, LEED Certified

With over 15 years in the construction business and another over 15 years in construction investigation, Tenaya brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to W+A; from the construction analysis to the investigation and resolution process. Tenaya has stayed up to date with our changing construction industry, as well as current green building and energy performance concerns. She has 10 years of experience in the green building and energy efficiency business with a Green Building Certification from Sonoma State University. She is a California Licensed Contractor, a Certified Green Building Professional and GreenPoint Rater, a California HERS rater and a California energy performance software consultant.

Tenaya provides:

  • Field investigation
  • Code compliance review of existing conditions and contract documents
  • Preparation of reconstruction design documents
  • Contract administration of reconstruction projects